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I have set up a few models as follows:




Gallery and Image share a many to many relationship.

Page can have 1 or 0 galleries.

I have created a gallery with a few images and attached it to a page object.

However, I'm having trouble displaying it in a template.

Can anyone help?

My page view looks like this:

def detail(request, page_id):
p = get_object_or_404(Page, pk=page_id)
return render_to_response('page/detail.html', {'page': p},

And the template:

{% block images %}
{% if page.gallery %}
{% for image in page.gallery.image_set.all %}
<a rel="gallery" href="{{ STATIC_URL }}{{ image.image }}"></a>
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}
{% endblock %}`

If I try to output some text within the IF block it comes out OK but not within the loop.

Any advice on getting it to work / generally tidying this up would be greatly appreciated.


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If the Gallery-Image relationship is many to many I'm guessing you have an m2m field on your Gallery model, where the m2m manager is the field itself. The manager can be queried just like any other QuerySet: model_instance.mym2mfield.filter().

If your ManyToManyField is called images on the Gallery model, your template would look like this:

{% for image in page.gallery.images.all %}
    <a rel="gallery" href="{{ STATIC_URL }}{{ image.image }}"></a>
{% endfor %}

If your ManyToManyField is on your Image model, the default name would be as you describe, unless you specified a related_name in which case you'd use that name.

{% for image in page.gallery.image_set.all %}
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Your problem may lie in the way you're accessing the gallery from the page. In your template, try something like the following and see if you get any output:

{{ page.gallery }}

There are instances where certain errors may get ignored in a template.

Also, I'm a little curious how your Page and Gallery are related? Does the Page model have a OneToOneField called "gallery"? Does Gallery have a ForeignKey to Page? In the latter case, you'd access the galleries associated with a page by:

{{ page.gallery_set.all }}

It would be easier to answer this question if you provided some additional information about the fields on your models.

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