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I have a grid of thumbnails each of which is a UIView. Each thumbnail has a pan gesture attached. If a pan gesture begins on one thumbnail, subsequent thumbnails do not acknowledge the pan gesture even though my finger is indeed moving across them. How do I get all thumbnails to react to a pan gesture even if the gesture did not initiate in the thumbnail?


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Have you thought of using the provided UIPageControl? –  Ryan Wersal May 14 '11 at 3:43

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I'm assuming what you're trying to do is basically scrolling through a 2d array of thumbnails? If that's the case, try putting your thumbnails into a UIScrollView. This should take care of panning through pictures. Then put UITapGestureRecognizers in each individual thumbnail if you want to perform some action upon tapping a thumbnail.

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Attach the pan gesture to the superview, and use hitTest:inPoint: to determine which thumbnail the gesture is moving through.

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