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I have an Objective-C++ class that adds itself as an observer for an event on a Cocoa NSView. I would like to be able to send the NSNotifications to a method of a C++ class instead of an Objective-C method or block. How can I do this?

My situation is this:

  • A - Objective-C++ class
  • B - NSView

B is encapsulated by A. I want to be notified of one of B's events. However, the method handling that event MUST have a reference to the instance of A that contains B.

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Create a dead simple wrapper class in Objective-C that points to your C++ instance and handles the notification by calling the C++ method.

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D'oh. I actually just realized I could do this about 10 minutes ago. Thanks for your answer though. Simple, precise and to the point. :) –  Jake Petroules May 14 '11 at 0:27

You can not consume the notification with a C++ method directly, or simple C function for that matter.

You must wrap the call to the C++ method is an actual Objective-C method, or block, and then delegate forward the notification to the C++ method.

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