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i am in the process of selecting a technology for building an application which would be targeted on the ipad safari browser or the normal desktop web browser. I am leaned towards YUI since it has mobile support and custom libraries. i am not going for DOJO since it doesnt support addition of custom features on their libraries and not GWT because it is a single page application which causes the flow between pages very slow. any ideas are welcome

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I would go with jQuery mobile.

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any good books for jquey mobile involving spring mvc, hibernate for mysql db –  user477469 May 15 '11 at 3:40

Sencha Touch uses all the latest doodads in webkit, and if you're only looking at Apple OS's you would be insane not to look at it as a framework - but then again, I do work for Sencha. In addition to the aforementioned JQuery Mobile, you should also take a look at jqTouch if you want to stick with a markup based approach. (BTW, there's nothing inherently slow about an SPA. A well programmed SPA should be lower latency than a page-driven one.)

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any problem with YUI since the application is not heavy on UI but some AJAX components –  user477469 May 13 '11 at 23:38

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