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I'm using AASM to manage states and just wanted to have some columns that kept track of the times the state were changed, but the callbacks don't seem to be working. The problems, of course, could be with my methods, I'm just not sure.

        aasm_state :active, :after => :activate
        aasm_state :inactive
        aasm_state :deactivated, :after => :deactivate

        aasm_event :active do
          transitions :to => :active, :from => [:inactive]
          transitions :to => :active, :from => [:deactivated]

        aasm_event :deactivated do
          transitions :to => :deactivated, :from => [:active]

       def activate
         activated_at = Time.now

      def deactivate
        deactivated_at = Time.now
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when using aasm, you dont just call your activate / deactivate function on your model.

you also need to save the model, so when you do object.activate, after that also do object.save (at least that is how it was in the last version i used)

transitions seem to be written ok, so i dont think those are the problem

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In Rails 3 version of AASM, you need to apply callbacks to transition events, rather than on state. So you code can be -

    aasm_state :active

    aasm_event :active, :after => :activate do 

        transitions :to => :active, :from => [:inactive]
        transitions :to => :active, :from => [:deactivated]
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