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Does anyone know what kind of slide function that this website is using?

I tried with slideToggle but it is not the same.



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Title:      jQuery.slideshow
Description:Fading slideshow widget
Developer:  Antenna Praxis (http://theantenna.org)
Released:   June 2009
Updated:    Feb 2010
Version:    0.0.5
Usage:      $('container-elem').slideshow(options).slideshow('start');
            - Pauses to load unloaded img
            - Pauses on rollover (resumes on rollout)
            - Crossfade if old+new img dimensions are the same, otherwise fade out->in     instead
            - Constrains img WH to max dimensions
To Do:      
License:    Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses:

Believe me, that's the first time I reproduce a license without prducing the code :-D

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