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Is there a way to overwrite the behavior of math operators like +-*/ in JavaScript?

Lets say for example I have a person object:

var Person = (function() {
  function _Person(age) {
    this.age = age;
  /* I was hoping something like this would work
  _Person.prototype.add = function(input) {
    return this.age + input.age;
  return _Person;

and I make two people and want to add them together to get their total age:

var p1 = new Person(24);
var p2 = new Person(25);
var totalAge = p1+p2;//should equal 49

I've like to be able to implement a prototype method or something to specify what to do when two objects are added together. Other languages have this, for example python has __add__, does javascript have a way of doing this?

Here is the sample code in jsfiddle:

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JavaScript has no operator overload feature.

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Ah operator overload, that was the term I was missing from my google searches. Thanks, and bummer :) – keegan3d May 13 '11 at 23:54
you don't need to overload anything. see my answer – zyklus Dec 28 '11 at 22:45

You can't overload the ops, but you can add a valueOf function to person which can return whatever you want (I know this was asked 6 months ago, but someone just edited it :))

function Person( age ){
    this.age = age;

Person.prototype.valueOf = function(){
    return this.age;

var p1 = new Person( 24 )
  , p2 = new Person( 25 );

p1+p2 // 49
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