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I am having a tough time googling /=... can anyone tell me what this code does?

number = digits[n % digits.Length] + number;
n /= digits.Length;

My intent is to determine what the remainder of this operation is... so I know when to stop or keep going.

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Thanks for all the help. I can accept an answer in 11 minutes.. – LamonteCristo May 14 '11 at 0:30
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This is the division assignment operator operator meaning n = n/digits.Length

See MSDN: /= Operator (C# Reference) for details.

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Just to add to what has already been posted in various answers, a compound assignment operator $= (replace $ with a binary operator) is similar to an assignment with the binary operator used in the right-hand side. The difference is that the left-hand side is evaluated only once. So:

x $= y

x is evaluated only once.

x = x $ y

x is evaluated twice.

Unlikely to make a difference in practice.

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If you say: DoHeavyWorkCauseSideEffectsAndReturnObject().MyIntProperty /= 100;, then it might make a difference compared to DoHeavyWorkCauseSideEffectsAndReturnObject().MyIntProperty = DoHeavyWorkCauseSideEffectsAndReturnObject().MyIntProperty / 100;. But most of the time you split it into two statements, and so you're right, there's no practical difference. – Jeppe Stig Nielsen Nov 10 '12 at 13:32

x /= y means set x equal to (in this case the integral part of) 'x divided by y'. / is the division operator.

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Same as

n += 4; // adds 4
n *= 4; // 4 times

just division.

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Per MSDN, these two are equivalent:

 n /= digits.Length;


 n = n/digits.Length;

Similar to the more commonly seen:

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/= is a division operator.

x /= y ;

is the same thing as saying:

x = x / y ;
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