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I'm trying to get the content "My home address" using the following but got the AttributeError:

address = soup.find(text="Address:")
print address.nextSibling


    <td>My home address</td>

What is a good way to navigate down td tag and pull the content?

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The problem is that you have found a NavigableString, not the <td>. Also nextSibling will find the next NavigableString or Tag so even if you had the <td> it wouldn't work the way you expect.

This is what you want:

address = soup.find(text="Address:")
b_tag = address.parent
td_tag = b_tag.parent
next_td_tag = td_tag.findNext('td')
print next_td_tag.contents[0]

Or more concise:

print soup.find(text="Address:").parent.parent.findNext('td').contents[0]

Actually you could just do

print soup.find(text="Address:").findNext('td').contents[0]

Since findNext just calls next over and over again, and next finds the next element as parsed repeatedly until it matches.

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You can use findChildren pretty easily to iterate over the td's in a table, assuming it's in a table. You could find the table first, ideally:

table = soup.find('table')
>>> for td in table.findChildren('td'):
...:     print td.text
My home address

Or you could search for address, and get the table container:

>>> import re
>>> search = re.compile('Address')
>>> table = soup.find(text=search).parent.parent.parent
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There're a lot of tables so finding tables then td don't look like a good choice. –  ready May 14 '11 at 5:55

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