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What (%) number shall I put under confidence level estimate in jira when accepting requirements? I understand that theoritically, 100% is ideal, but does 80% seem good enough given that am comfortable with my estimates?


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The confidence level really should vary on a issue by issue basis. There are several factors that can increase my confidence level on a task, which can include:

  • The vagueness of the requirement being built.
  • My familiarity with the technology/stack/libraries being worked on.
  • My familiarity with the codebase(s)
  • Whether the item has been done before.
  • Am I introducing/using any new libraries/frameworks that I am not familiar with.
  • The existence of automated testing on the existing modules/projects.
  • The complexity of the feature/issue being added.
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Thanks for the detailed info.This is really helpful. –  Jimmy Jun 27 '11 at 6:31

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