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I'm writing an AJAX application so every link on my page is a javascript link (href="javascript:void(blahblah)"). Some of them opens small webpages in an iframe in a boxed, absolutely positioned div element (that can be dragged around).

This looks nice but if the user middle click on the link he can't open the page in a new tab, because the browser tries to execute the script on a new page which fails.

So what I want to do is:

  • If the user clicks on the link it opens a webpage in an iframe in an absolutely positioned div. (this works currently).
  • If the user middle clicks these links (or somehow opens the link in a new tab/window etc.) the page should load in the new tab/window as expected.
  • Optional: middle click should do nothing on all other javascript links.

Is there a (preferably cross browser) way to accomplish this?

EDIT: this web app is a browser game which uses the canvas element to render the game world, so I don't mind if your solution works only in canvas-capable browsers.

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Is there a (preferably cross browser) way to accomplish this?

Yes, don't do href="javascript:void(blahblah)", build on things that work.

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onclick event and preventDefault works fine, thx. –  Calmarius May 14 '11 at 10:44

Check out the hijax technique, which allows you to progressively enhance your application to use either regular or JavaScript links. There's an hijax jQuery plugin that can help.

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