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The "method" implementation says istringstream get

int get();
Extracts a character from the stream and returns its value (casted to an integer).

I wanted to see its implementation.

Edit:Removed the part which I am trying to port

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You will find std::istringstream in the header <sstream>. But not the get() method. The get() member is inherited from the basic_istream<_Elem, _Traits> template which you can find in the header . Here's the implementation, from my VS2005 installation:

int_type __CLR_OR_THIS_CALL get()
	{	// extract a metacharacter
	int_type _Meta = 0;
	ios_base::iostate _State = ios_base::goodbit;
	_Chcount = 0;
	const sentry _Ok(*this, true);

	if (!_Ok)
		_Meta = _Traits::eof();	// state not okay, return EOF
		{	// state okay, extract a character
		_Meta = _Myios::rdbuf()->sbumpc();

		if (_Traits::eq_int_type(_Traits::eof(), _Meta))
			_State |= ios_base::eofbit | ios_base::failbit;	// end of file
			++_Chcount;	// got a character, count it

	return (_Meta);
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