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I've lately been migrating from Delphi to C#. I find C sharp very powerful and the IDE is awesome. There are some unaccustomed stuff though.

On the database side I have two inner-related tables. Students and Categories. I keep CategoryID in the students table as foreign key. I want to link a DataGridView to the Students table.

When I add a new student I want to be ale to also choose the student's Category from the dropdown list that list of available Categories. In Delphi we have an opportunity to add a lookup column to table so that it keeps CategoryID in the backgound but displays CategoryName.

How do I do it in C#? Is it possible through DataRelation? If yes, how?

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Seriously, it's not that hard to choose the correct web site for your questions... – Daniel Beck May 14 '11 at 9:40
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... You don't mention data technology (Linq etc.) or interface (e.g. Winforms, Webforms etc,) so it is far too hard to help you....

But I have done something similar and I would treat it as two queries, first do a select to populate the drop down box, then something along the lines of

int _temp = select where == dropdownbox.selectedtext

then in your insert command for the student, you simply provide the int _temp.

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This is not very robust and will not allow for duplicate names etc, and I am sure someone on here will have a much better answer, but again, without knowing technologies involved, hopefully this will put you on the right track.... possibly just not the fastest one! – Wil May 14 '11 at 10:02
Oh yeah, data technology is ADO.NET and it's just a windows forms application. – Mikayil Abdullayev May 14 '11 at 10:35

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