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I recently upgraded to xcode4 and now I cant create outlets at all. The only documentation that I can find says to use drag and drop feature to connect my outlets, which is useless to me as I'm developing in monotouch.

How can I create outlets in interface builder like I could in Xcode3?

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Look a the answer of Miguel de Icaza here.

Interface builder isn't supported in Xcode4 in the current release of MonoTouch.

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Damn, I was hoping the new release ment it was ready... Thanks! – Dimitar May 14 '11 at 10:19

Duplicate of: Monotouch and XCode 4, where did the outlets go?

I had the exact same problem. I contacted the excellent crew over at monotouch by mail, and within short time they sorted it out. It turned out i could keep the SDK upgrade but I had to downgrade to the 3.x version of xcode. Hopefully there will be an update soon that will allow us to use the latest xcode incarnation - although I personally hope monotouch get's it's own GUI designer.

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