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I'm trying to remove some eventlistener like this:

    var callback = function () {


    e.once("5", callback);

    function() {
      e.removeListener(inTurns, callback)

But it doesn't work.

The first console log shows:


The second one shows:

[Function: g]

Why are they different?

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The implementation of once() inserts a function g() to remove your listener after one call.

From events.js:

EventEmitter.prototype.once = function(type, listener) {
  if ('function' !== typeof listener) {
    throw new Error('.once only takes instances of Function');

  var self = this;
  function g() {
    self.removeListener(type, g);
    listener.apply(this, arguments);

  g.listener = listener;
  self.on(type, g);

  return this;

So, if you did this:


they'd be the same.

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thanks, looks like i ran into a bug. I should upgrade from this stupid old version... – Harry May 14 '11 at 11:25

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