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Google, Apple, VISA, AMEX is supporting contactless payments through NFC technology.

Is there any API/open-source library available (or due to release in 2011) for integrating NFC payments within a web application?

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On android at least - from what I heard at Google IO how to nfc there won't be any payment API's on that platform. I haven't heard of any generic open-source libraries for payment API's either.

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We have a free API that allows an application to extract the card information via NFC. It is not open source however. You can see our website for more information. The NFC APIs of the device though, are not accessible from a browser, so you can't really do this in a web application. The closest you can get currently is to have something like a PhoneGap application written in HTML5 that you then use with an NFC module that extracts the card information.

The WebNFC APIs have been started, but until they are finalized and a web established browser implements them, NFC sensors can't be accessed from a browser directly.

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