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I want images to resize after upload in 4 different formats. If i resize it to best fit(i.e aspect ratio) some images come too small if height or width is too large than the other and if i resize it to fixed size then images get skewed. So what is the best way to resize a image. I am currently doing this using via imagemagik thumbnailImage() but i think it's a general problem. What are sites like google or facebook doing. what is the best thing to do in that case

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Your question is tagged with Java, PHP and .Net. Which do you want the solution to be tailored to? – user212218 Sep 27 '11 at 16:40
@Phoenix I'd say PHP because of the link, I remove the other tags because are misleading. I came here looking for a Java resize. – stivlo Oct 11 '11 at 7:25

You can use resize functionality for resize image in different size during upload image. For example:

  $image = new SimpleImage();

Similarly, you can save image in different size.

For more in detail you can find here:

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You can also use ImageWorkshop:

$layer = new ImageWorkshop(array("fileObject" => $_FILES["uploadedImage"]));
$layer->resizeInPixel(200, 150, true); // Conserve proportion !
$layer->save(__DIR__."/web/uploads/2012", "thumb.png", true, null, 95);

You will have a resized picture of 200px/150px with conserved proportion !

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