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I want to find the length of this :

char *s[]={"s","a","b"};

it should count 4 with the /0 but the strlen or sizeof(s)/sizeof(char) gives me wrong answers.. How can i find it?

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You are making an array of char* and not of char. That's why strlen won't work. Use

sizeof(s) / sizeof(char*) //should give 3

If you want a single string use

char s[] = "sab";
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sizeof(s) / sizeof(s[0]) works no matter what type s contains.

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+1: I like sizeof s / sizeof *s instead (or, using redundant parenthesis, sizeof (s) / sizeof (*s)). – pmg May 27 '11 at 12:23

What you have defined is not a string hence there is no NULL terminating character. Here you have declared pointers to 3 separate strings. BTW, you should declare your array as const char*.

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strlen works if you terminate your array with null character. You cannot find number of elements in a char array unless you keep track of it. i.e store it in some variable like n. Every time you add member increment n and every time you remove decrement n

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There is no direct way to determine the length of an array in C. Arrays in C are represented by a continuous block in a memory.

You must keep the length of the array as a separate value.

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Why should it count 4? you have 3 pointers to char in this array, it should count 12 on most 32-bit platforms.

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