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I want to create a DomainService method that receives a List (where T: Entity) kind of an argument, but it seems this cannot be done in Silverlight (Error message : "operation ... does not conform to the required signature. Parameter types must be an entity or complex type, a collection of complex types, or one of the predefined serializable types.")

What are the alternatives? Thank you.

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Just pass a T[] array, it should fix it and it is more "proper" as there's no reason to add elements to the list.

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Still gives me the same "operation ... does not conform to the required signature" error. –  bogdanub May 14 '11 at 20:00

Serialize the List<T> to a string in the client and then deserialize it on the server.

I did this with the DataContractSerializer and it works great.

WCF RIA Services Contrib also has the ability to Import and Export a collection of entities with added benefits.

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