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I've been doing some image processing and i noticed that when i call a Mathematica function like GaussianFilter it returns an image of type "Real" even though the image i passed was of type "Byte" which causes a huge increase in memory usage.

I'm aware i can change the type of the image after the call using Image[img,"Byte"] but that is just tedious and processing overhead.

So is there a way to tell Mathematica not to change the type?

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I have tried processing large images in Mathematica, but the memory requirements were extreme. I suggest you process the image block by block, if the algorithm allows for it. – Mr.Wizard May 14 '11 at 16:12

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If Mma does not change the image type, you may get unexpected results. Consider (as a limit case) the binarized image of Lena:

enter image description here

BTW, anyone who used Lena as an example should read these two articles:

And optionally this one, of historical interest (not much to read, though):

enter image description here

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u mean this is because GaussianFilter might need higher precision than that provided by the input DataType. But that is not so problematic for DataTypes like Byte. And at least I want to be able to specify if I want it to use it or not. – OSaad May 14 '11 at 16:01

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