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I have authlogic working fine but now have the need to let administrator users come in and have different access.

So I created a migration adding administrator column to the Users table as string. However, I just can not seem to get the value of it out!!

see below my index action:

print "\n administrator" + User.find(current_user.id).administrator.to_s

the above line never prints anything when I know that this user HAS administrator string set to true in the db.

Below is the User model

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  acts_as_authentic  {|config| 
    config.validates_uniqueness_of_email_field_options :scope => :id
  belongs_to :another_class

what am I doing wrong here? All I want to do is get the administrator column value out. In the logs I can see the select users.* from users where id = 2 query being run!

is there another best way to manage admin roles with authlogic??

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You're likely better off using cancan for managing roles and permissions. It can be used in combination with authlogic.

If you are going to just add a flag "administrator" field to the user record, it should work as long as your rules are simple, but would be better as a boolean rather than a string.

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You say you have an "administrator" column of strings in your database and you're looking for a value of true. Maybe you wanted a Boolean column?

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