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I have an MVC architecture and since I already have an action that would be extra useful if automatically called every hour or so, I wondered if there's a way to set it up as a cron job?

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Please be more specific: the framework, language, etc. – unpluggd Mar 1 '09 at 18:41

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You can use


Or if the language you're using has a CLI client like PHP you could just run the script like

php /var/www/

Edit: For an MCV app it's probably easiest to use curl

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Don't know how periodic web page request is related to mvc, but you can achieve this by adding following line to crontab (1 hour period):

0 0/1 * * * wget <web_page_url>

Which is translated to: use wget command to request <web_page_url> every hour at zero minutes.

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