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I am using GIT on my server and I am trying to get a PHP file to be executed each time I update my repository. I'm trying to use my post-update hook to achieve this.

this is the code I tried:


echo "**** Pulling changes into Prime [Hub's post-update hook]"

cd $HOME/www || exit
unset GIT_DIR
git pull hub master

exec git-update-server-info

php /path/to/directory/file.php

I can't seem to get the PHP to execute. Anyone able to shine any light on this?

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exec never returns. Anything you put after the exec call is dead code.

Remove the exec, or place it before your php line if that's the last thing that needs to be done. (And after doing error checking if necessary obviously.)

So for instance

exec php /path/to/directory/file.php

Or just simply

php /path/to/directory/file.php

(or move the statements around if your php script can be called before the git command.)

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Awesome, I put the php command between "git pull" and "exec" and it worked like a charm. Thank you :-) – DivZero May 14 '11 at 16:15

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