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I'm using Visual Studio .NET 2003 to develop a COM ATL application in unmanaged Visual C++.

I've created a ATL Dialag and whenever I try to add a variable for a control the wizard thorws the message "Object required".

I've tried the following alternatives:

  • Right click in the control to call "Add variable" from there: this way the wizard does not thorws the message but the variable is not created.
  • This post, but it is for VS2005.

Does anyone knows any work-around-around for this problem? Or what the wizard actually does so I can do it manually?

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This may helps. This is while adding the class. Same thing may apply for adding variables.

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Thanks! but unfortunately it is not my case. I've tried in Windows Vista and Windows XP. I've also tried restarting the IDE. Moreover, in my case the error arises in only one particular wizard. –  mmutilva Mar 4 '09 at 21:13

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