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I know that one has to look at the queries for database, because when the database is small queries are not a problem. But when it becomes larger it could slow down the site.

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Here's some things I would consider...

Handling Data:

  • Returning as small a dataset as possible. This includes row counts & columns. For example, no select * from table....
  • Data caching strategies


  • File Caching.... AKA - HTML, images, javascript....
  • Put JS at the bottom after DOM loads. Increases speed of page load.
  • Put CSS at top.
  • Session State - be careful with it's usage...
  • Use CDNs when possible with local fallback....
  • Minimize the postbacks / http requests
  • GZip/compress your http
  • compress your JS & CSS

Hardware setup:

  • Load Balancing,proxies...
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Thanks, these web questions always throw me for a loop. I have taken several clases in programming so web design seems very alien to me. – Aaron May 14 '11 at 19:49

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