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I want to monitor the current working directory of an arbitrary process with a given PID under Linux.

My idea is to use inotify on the procfs. Every process has its own directory under /proc/PID and there is a symlink pointing to the actual working directory /proc/PID/cwd

I want to get notified when this symlink changes, but if I put a watch on the symlink it will start watching the directory the symlink points to.

Any ideas?

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You may as well use strace and watch it for making chdir() system calls - as those really are the only way to change the current working directory.

This is really a debugger-style requirement, and you're going to need to use debug interfaces to achieve it.

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Are you looking for this? From man page:

The following further bits can be specified in mask when calling

IN_DONT_FOLLOW (since Linux 2.6.15)
    Don't dereference pathname if it is a symbolic link.
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I tried that one already, should have mentioned it in the question, sorry. It simply does nothing when I use this. –  Guttalax May 14 '11 at 19:30

I don't think that you can. procfs is not a real file system, it is only generated on demand when you read from it.

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Yes, that is what I'm afraid of, but I'm open to other ideas to solve this. –  Guttalax May 14 '11 at 19:31

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