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I have created a dynamic web application in eclipse helios i have install sysdeo tomcat plugin how to run my application using sysdeo plugin what are the setting needed please help me

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Is there any particular reason that you prefer the old Sysdeo plugin instead of the default Tomcat plugin which is already provided by Eclipse-for-Java-EE? – BalusC May 14 '11 at 19:20

BalusC: Just a note about why you might want to use Sysdeo. To the best of my knowledge, Sysdeo is still the only free way to hot-swap Java classes (not just JSPs) while using Tomcat inside Eclipse. There is JRebel and myEclipse, but neither of these are free.

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I would try the steps listed in the article: Setting up the Sysdeo Tomcat Plug-in. They worked for me when I was figuring out how to configure things.

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