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I don't know how to easily describe this, here goes nothing...

I am writing a PHP script to perform an action if the URL is a specific URL, however, the URL is /ref/[VISITOR_USERNAME]. I want to set it so that anytime the URL is /ref/[ANY_TEXT], the action will perform.

    if($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] == '/ref/' . string . '') {
    ...perform action...

How do I tell the script that if the URL is /ref/ and anything following that to perform the action?

Also, I realize there are other, probably better ways to do this, but for the sake of what I am trying to do, I need to do it this way.

Thanks in advance.

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if you are using a class to handle your actions, there is a similar script in here that can help you stackoverflow.com/questions/5851447/… – Ibu May 14 '11 at 19:26
Why not use a simple Regular Expression rather than String Comparison (especially, since the String is Dynamic and can be anything)? Something along these lines could be handy: if( preg_match("#ref\/.*#", $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])) { // NOW, GET TO WORK CODER... ;-) } – Poiz May 12 at 7:07
if(substr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 0, 5) == '/ref/') {
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sweet diggity dog, that was easy. thank you. – Kevin May 14 '11 at 19:24
So what happens when the URL is something like: mysite.tld/a-path/another-path/route/ref/string??? In this arbitrary case, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] will return something like this: /a-path/another-path/route/ref/string in which case your code will fail. Additionally; if the URL was just mysite.tld/ref/, Your code will still run and this may not be what he wants since he requires that a String exists after the trailing Slash next to ref... like so *mysite.tld/ref/a_minimum_of_one_character – Poiz May 12 at 7:16
Poiz, yes, if the path is different my if block will not run. That is by design and in fact exactly what the question asked for. For the second requirement I guess we can debate if "ANY_TEXT" can be the empty string or not. Might be a good idea to check for that if one wishes to do so. Your answer will also "fail" for that case, by the way, because .* matches the empty string; you might want to upvote centauri's answer because it fulfills both of your requirements... – Emil Vikström May 12 at 7:57

If you want to check for more you can build a regex:

if(preg_match('/\/ref\/.+/', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])) {
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You may just want to revise your Conditional Statement like so:

    if( preg_match("#ref\/.*#", $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])) {
        // NOW,GET TO WORK CODER... ;-)
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