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I had installed xcode 4 and wanted to explore monotouch so I followed the steps on the evaluation download page that mentioned to install the following in order:

1) iOS 4.3 SDK (which I already had) 2) Mono for Mac OS X 3) MonoDevelop 4) Monotouch Evaluation version

However since the latest release of monotouch does have some outstanding issues related to integration with interface builder, I decided to downgrade to xcode 3.2.6.

So I uninstalled xcode 4, restarted my mac and installed xcode 3.2.6. After that I uninstalled mono, monodevelop and reinstalled them but still when I click on MainWindow.xib from MonoDevelop it doesn't open the interface builder.

So my question is- how can I (1) uninstall mono and monodevelop fully (2) uninstall monotouch?

I am a newbie to Mac so any help will be greatly appreciated.


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You will probably need to set the default application for a .xib file;

  • Find any .xib on your HDD in Finder and Right Click -> Get Info it.
  • In the "Open With" section, change the drop down to "Interface Builder" and click "Change All..."

this is taken from Geoff Norton's blog

Hope this helps.

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