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im = im2double(imread('rice.png'));

[X Y]= meshgrid(1:size(im,1),1:size(im,2));


when i run this script it worked me fine but when i tried to change the image to RGB image it gives me this 2 errors

??? Error using ==> surf at 78 Data dimensions must agree.

Error in ==> CoOrdinating at 6 surf(zeros(size(im)),X,Y,im,'EdgeColor','none');

i tried to convert the image to grayscale but it didn't work with me and gave me the same errors

any help ?

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I have a funny feeling you forgot to pass the grayscale image to the rest of the functions, because I also did it in my first attempt to run this code :P

im = im2double(imread('rice.png'));

if (isrgb (im))
    im2 = rgb2gray (im);
    im2 = im;

[X Y] = meshgrid (1:size(im2,1), 1:size(im2,2));
surf(zeros (size(im2)),X,Y,im2,'EdgeColor','none')

This worked for me (with an rgb image and a grayscale image)

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