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I have looked so long for nice tutorials, but still couldn't find any for Ubuntu 11.04. I wan't to set it up to learn by this book:

The tutorials I found are not quite up to date and also doesn't aren't for 11.04 Ubuntu.

I am asking for quick tutorial, what's the best way to set up RoR server.

Also if you know any other great Ruby on Rails tutorials, as the link I wrote above, please don't hold back and definitely share the link to it.

Ty in advance!

PS! I already messed up one of my Virtual Machines, but luckily I had made snapshot of clean install.

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Ubuntu has Rails packages already. It should be as simple as doing apt-get install rails-ruby1.8, which'll install Ruby as a dependency as well.

share|improve this answer Used the link above, the one I actually already mentioned in my question. Followed the environment setup there and works nicely! – Marko May 15 '11 at 0:24

Ryan Bigg has a very nice tutorial called Ubuntu, Ruby, RVM, Rails and You. Since you're configuring a server you will probably have a look at some tips about deployment & best practices written by the creator of RVM himself.

I'm sure you have it done already though since it's an old question, but I the links will be of use to someone else.

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