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I am using Eclipse to create (Session Bean + MDB), deployed in OpenEJB. It works. Now how can I output the log debug info to console ? I need to add a in the project or to change the OpenEJB server properties ?


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Duplicate of… – David Blevins Jun 2 '11 at 15:17

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You need to add to your classpath and add the following configuration to log the OPENEJB debug to the console.

log4j.category.OpenEJB                 = warn
log4j.category.OpenEJB.server          = info
log4j.category.OpenEJB.startup         = info
log4j.category.OpenEJB.startup.service = warn
log4j.category.OpenEJB.startup.config  = info
log4j.category.OpenEJB.hsql            = info
log4j.category.CORBA-Adapter           = info
log4j.category.Transaction             = warn     = error     = error
log4j.category.openjpa                 = error

You can modify the logging by changing the Log Levels.

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