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I am trying to experiment with expanding paint-like program adding custom features to it. Can you suggest a simple open source paint-like program written in C and using GTK+ library which I could expand? It should compile in Linux but also in Windows (using MinGW). Thanks.


I found this and it looks like something I was looking for, but I want something more simple if it exists.

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I would like to answer GIMP, but that is hardly "simple" ^^ – gha.st Mar 1 '09 at 21:17
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This is very example paint using GTK+ http://www.gtk.org/tutorial1.2/gtk_tut-23.html

source code: http://www.gtk.org/tutorial1.2/gtk_tut-30.html#ss30.3

I hope this help you and someone else

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I never had this urge, but my 4 year old daughter loves TuxPaint. I believe it uses GTK+.

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nice, but it looks too fancy :) I want something very simple, like paper and pen with colors and maybe little more... sorry I was not precise in asking – kliketa Mar 1 '09 at 22:01
@kliketa, TuxPaint IS very simple. – mmcdole Mar 1 '09 at 22:09

If you want something really simple, I think following the official scribble tutorial would be the best choice. Here is a link to the resulting code: you can find it in the GTK+ source tarball under examples/.

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Here's a link to the Multimedia -> Graphics -> Editors section of the Sourceforge software browser, sorted in descending order of most active:


Just click on "Filters" and add a programming language filter for C and you should get a nice concise set of results for what you're looking for.

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