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I'm interested in whether can be used to create a painting and uploading application that will function on the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. The point being to have a Flash, cool version on a website visible on a PC, and a simpler non-Flash version on mobile browsers.

This would be my first web app on a mobile browser, so I've no clue about this. Any help is appreciated.


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Absolutely. And since Flash is disallowed on iOS, it is the only real solution for that one.

Canvas works on OS 6 (BlackBerry Torch, but NOT Blackberry Storm/2).

Canvas works on iOS and Android.

Not all canvas functions work, though, but they are mostly small problems. Some gradients on text, for instance, won't show up on Android last I looked.

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As long as those devices support Canvas2D and javascript, web applications that are run on these devices can use canvas for graphics and graphic interaction; with the controls generally kept off the canvas, because xhtml+css already offers low cost (in terms of cpu and memory) solutions for UI elements.

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