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As basic as this seems, I simply can't manage to copy the contents of one file to another. Here is my code thus far:


Dir.chdir( "/mnt/Shared/minecraft-server/plugins/Permissions" )

flist = Dir.glob( "*" )

flist.each do |mod|
    mainperms = File::open( "AwesomeVille.yml" )
    if mod == "AwesomeVille.yml"
        puts "Shifting to next item..."
        File::open( mod, "w" ) do |newperms|
            newperms << mainperms
    puts "Updated #{ mod } with the contents of #{ mainperms }."
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I realize that this isn't the completely approved way, but

 IO.readlines(filename).join('') # join with an empty string because readlines includes its own newlines

Will load a file into a string, which you can then output into newperms just like it was a string. There's good chance the reason this isn't working currently is that you are trying to write an IO handler to a file, and the IO handler isn't getting converted into a string in the way you want it to.

However, another fix might be

 newperms << mainperms.read

Also, make sure you close mainperms before the script exits, as it might break something if you don't.

Hope this helps.

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That helped very much, thank you! I had not considered using the read method. –  Mark May 15 '11 at 0:30
I would be very careful with this solution as it has scalability issues. IO#readlines slurps the entire file into memory. –  the Tin Man May 15 '11 at 20:46

Why copy the contents of one file to another? Why not use either the OS to copy the file, or use Ruby's built-in FileUtils.copy_file?

ri FileUtils.copy_file

(from ruby core)
  copy_file(src, dest, preserve = false, dereference = true)


Copies file contents of src to dest. Both of src and
dest must be a path name.

A more flexible/powerful alternate is to use Ruby's built-in FileUtils.cp:

ri FileUtils.cp

(from ruby core)
  cp(src, dest, options = {})


Options: preserve noop verbose

Copies a file content src to dest.  If dest is a
directory, copies src to dest/src.

If src is a list of files, then dest must be a directory.

  FileUtils.cp 'eval.c', 'eval.c.org'
  FileUtils.cp %w(cgi.rb complex.rb date.rb), '/usr/lib/ruby/1.6'
  FileUtils.cp %w(cgi.rb complex.rb date.rb), '/usr/lib/ruby/1.6', :verbose => true
  FileUtils.cp 'symlink', 'dest'   # copy content, "dest" is not a symlink
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This works for me

IO.copy_stream mainperms, mod

§ copy_stream

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