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A couple years ago I backed up my plone site by making a copy of the zope directory cantaining other directories such as var, Products, etc, Extension, bin, log... I think the Plone version was 2.1.3 but I am not certain. I would like to know how I can restore my plone site from this backup. I can't find any documentation on restoring from this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Francis

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If it is really Plone 2.1.x, you can use a buildout like this one:

The procedure could like something like this (assuming you have Python 2.4 installed):

$ easy_install-2.4 zc.buildout
$ mkdir plone
$ mkdir plone/products
$ cd plone
$ buildout init
$ curl http://dist.aclark.net/build/plone/2.1.x/extends.cfg > buildout.cfg  
$ bin/buildout

Now copy your old Data.fs to var/filestorage, and:

$ bin/instance fg

You may also need to copy over the contents of the Products directory (to plone/products) and configure them via buildout, by editing your buildout.cfg file to look like this:

extends = http://dist.aclark.net/build/plone/2.1.x/buildout.cfg

products += products

Then run bin/buildout again.

Or, check for an installer here: http://dist.plone.org/archive/ and repeat the same process of copying in the Data.fs and add-on products.

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