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I have the following routes defining certain resources:

resource :account, :only => [:show]
namespace :account do
  resource :billing

So, I have an AccountsController which generates the "show" page at /account.

I also have a BillingsController which I want to be viewed at /account/billing.

This is working fine, but one thing that's bugging me is the convention says the view folder for the AccountsController is plural even though its a singular resource -- not a big deal, but when creating a matching namespace for the nested resource I now have two seperate view folders -- /app/views/account(for namespace) and app/views/accounts(for account resource).

So, this kind of throws me off.

What would be the best way to make the AccountsController use the singular account folder for views?

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There are a bunch of options, but using self.prepend_view_path("views/account") in a method called by a before_filter in the AccountsController should work. It will force it to look in the specified directory for a view, before checking the default.

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For what it's worth, I decided it would be easiest to change AccountsController to AccountController and change my routes.rb file like so:

resource :account, :controller => 'account'

That was a little cleaner than anything I could figure out.

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