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I am using JSF 2 with PrimeFaces 2.2. I tried making an ajax call through a select box onchange event in a dataTable. I was able to see the System.outs printing but, I could not see the components given in the update attribute getting updated. I have given the dataTableId in the update attribute.

I guess the problem now is the selectbox is getting populated again and an ajax call is made. Should we give only the parent tags in the update attirbute, for the ajax call to work. Please help me out in this.

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When the ID in the update attribute does not start with :, it becomes relative to the ID of the current component inside the same NamingContainer component. But since the h:dataTable is an NamingContainer component, you need to reference it by an absolute ID. Rightclick the JSF page in the webbrowser and choose View Source to see the generated HTML DOM tree. Locate the HTML <table> element which is generated by the <h:dataTable>, determine the value of its id attribute and use exactly that id in the update attribute, prefixed with :.

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Hi BalusC I have specified it in the ajax call like this <p:ajax update=":table1" event="change"> and this is showing me the following in the log Component ":table1" not found to be updated partially – Sarath May 15 '11 at 2:22
I said, the id in the generated HTML source, not in the JSF source. JavaScript/Ajax operates in webbrowser on HTML, not in webserver on JSF. Open the page in webbrowser (not in Java/JSF editor), rightclick it and do View Source to see the HTML DOM tree (not the JSF component tree). It should look like formId:tableId where formId is the ID of the <h:form>. You should then use :formId:tableId in the update attribute. – BalusC May 15 '11 at 3:02
Thank you BalusC Is there any way that I could get the count of the dataTable row ? ..... I am getting the id in the source like this ..... table1:0:receiptCode ...... even if I give it as table1:receiptCode .... the component is not getting rendered, so asking you if I could get the row number – Sarath May 15 '11 at 3:34

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