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Is there a way to save and recover a trained Neural Network in PyBrain, so that I don't have to retrain it each time I run the script?

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PyBrain's Neural Networks can be saved and loaded using either python's built in pickle/cPickle module, or by using PyBrain's XML NetworkWriter.

# Using pickle

from import buildNetwork
import pickle

net = buildNetwork(2,4,1)

fileObject = open('filename', 'w')

pickle.dump(net, fileObject)


fileObject = open('filename','r')
net = pickle.load(fileObject)

Note cPickle is implemented in C, and therefore should be much faster than pickle. Usage should mostly be the same as pickle, so just import and use cPickle instead.

# Using NetworkWriter

from import buildNetwork
from import NetworkWriter
from import NetworkReader

net = buildNetwork(2,4,1)

NetworkWriter.writeToFile(net, 'filename.xml')
net = NetworkReader.readFrom('filename.xml') 
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If you're using 0.3.1 or newer (which is 2 years old as I write this) the NetworkReader and NetworkWriter objects are in (so you need: from import NetworkWriter from import NetworkReader). –  kmp Jan 7 '14 at 9:00

The NetworkWriter and NetworkReader work great. I noticed that upon saving and loading via pickle, that the network is no longer changeable via training-functions. Thus, I would recommend using the NetworkWriter-method.

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See for a solution –  Brendan Annable Mar 31 '14 at 17:54

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