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I am having problem building my project (using maven 2) which references some jars from a maven 1 repository.

The scenario: My company has a private maven 1 repository that has the following info:


It has the layout of:

                     |_ ....
                     |_ ....

What I have tried: 1. Following the guide here: relevant maven official docs My mvn2 pom.xml:

  <id>my-repo</id>        <-- I made up a temporary id/name

The result was weird, my company's maven1 repo was completely ignored. Instead, mvn2 attempted to download the jar from "maven2 central":


And the resulted freehep-swing-2.0.3.pom (in my local .m2/repository/) has the following errors:

http\://my-company-maven1-repo/maven-repository/.error=Could not transfer artifact vectorgraphics\:freehep-swing\:pom\:2.0.3 from/to my-repo (http\://my-company-maven1-repo/maven-repository)\: No connector available to access repository my-repo (http\://my-company-maven1-repo/maven-repository) of type legacy using the available factories AsyncRepositoryConnectorFactory, WagonRepositoryConnectorFactory

If anyone can point out to me how to fetch that freehep_swing-2.0.3.jar from the maven1 repository (with layout shown above), I would really really appreciate that.



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The Nexus repository manager is able to proxy Maven 1 repositories for Maven {2,3} clients.

Maven 3 no longer has the possibility of using 'legacy' repositories, see Maven 3.x compatibility notes.

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Thanks for you answer. But is it true that what I wanted to do cannot be achieved by just modifying my mvn2 project's pom.xml ? I thought Nexus was only needed in the 'opposite situation' because "there's just no way to get Maven 1 to recognize a Maven 2 repo" [ ] . Considering what that blog and the [] both say, I thought it was just some manipulation of the pom.xml and everything will be okay. Please let me know. – Dominic May 15 '11 at 12:29
I believe that you are using Maven 3, which no longer supports the 'legacy' layout. If that is the case, you must use a repository manager. See… for details. – Robert Munteanu May 15 '11 at 13:42
The constructor for WagonRepositoryConnector throws an exception if the repository layout RemoteRepository.getContentType() is not "default". – bmatthews68 Dec 19 '13 at 14:37

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