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Hi there!

I want to stretch vertically one row in TableLayout.

For example:

The TableLayout have four rows (height and width is match_parent)

ROW-1, ROW-2, ROW-4 have same height.

ROW-3 - streched vertically

Have somebody helps me to fix this?

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Make sure your TableLayout has its layout_height set to fill_parent (or match_parent) and give your row 3 a layout_weight="1.0".

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vertically is a column. If you have a row with 2 columns in the top and a row following that, then that row will also have 2 columns. Probably that is why 4 is not stretching vertically because of the rows above. what you need to do is: android:stretchColumns ="*" This will stretch the column that is required making the row4 free of the rows above it. See if it gives correct results.

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