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Okay, so I'm having an issue with dynamically allocating work to pthreads in a queue.

For example, in my code I have a struct like below:

struct calc
    double num;
    double calcVal;

I store each struct in an array of length l like below.

struct calc **calcArray; 

/* then I initialize the calcArray to say length l and 
   fill each calc struct with a num*/

Now, based on num, I want to find the value of calcVal. Each struct calc has a different value for num.

I want to spawn 4 pthreads which is easy enough but I want to make it so at the start,

thread 0 gets calcArray[0]
thread 1 gets calcArray[1]
thread 2 gets calcArray[2]
thread 3 gets calcArray[3]

Now assuming that it will take different times for each thread to do the calculations for each calc,

if thread 1 finishes first, it will then get calcArray[4]

then thread 3 finishes and gets calcArray[5] to do

and this continues until it reaches the end of calcArray[l].

I know I could just split the array into l/4 (each thread gets one quarter of the calcs) but I don't want to do this. Instead I want to make the work like a queue. Any ideas on how to do this?

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You could accomplish it pretty easily, by creating a variable containing the index of the next element to be assigned, and then having it secured by a mutex.


// Index of next element to be worked on
int next_pos;

// Mutex that secures next_pos-access
pthread_mutex_t next_pos_lock;

int main() {
    // ...

    // Initialize the mutex before you create any threads 
    pthread_mutex_init(&next_pos_lock, NULL);

    next_pos = NUM_THREADS;

    // Create the threads

    // ...

void *threadfunc(void *arg) {
    int index = ...;

    while (index < SIZE_OF_WORK_ARRAY) {
        // Do your work

        // Update your index
        index = next_pos;

See also: POSIX Threads Programming - Mutex Variables

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Thanks man, I really appreciate it. :D – user730882 May 15 '11 at 8:19
There are typos in this comment! It says "phread" instead of "pthread"! Took me a long time to discover... – Janus Troelsen Dec 28 '11 at 0:24
@user309483: Oops, corrected. – Sebastian Paaske Tørholm Dec 28 '11 at 0:38
mange tak hr. toerholm :D – Janus Troelsen Dec 28 '11 at 11:30
You're suggesting a busy waiting approach, no? – Class Stacker Nov 25 '15 at 12:42

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