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hello I want replace following phrase:



I have tried :

$comments = preg_replace ("tinymce/", "", $comments);

but i get an error:

warning Delimiter must not be alphanumeric or backslash

can you help me? thanks

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Use str_replace.

$comments = str_replace ("tinymce/", "", $comments);

just be very careful with this: It's a very primitive method. For example, if you run it twice, it will replace the occurrence in the already correct, breaking the link in the process.

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The first parameter of preg_replace functions must be a regular expression (regex) delimited by a character of your choice. For example you should do :

$comments = preg_replace ("`tinymce/`", "", $comments);

You may also use output buffering (with ob_start) to apply rewrite function on all url or anything you want.

And try to match a real expression, here you could use str_replace, but if you write tinymce/ in a comment then it will be replaced too.

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preg_replace expects the first parameter to be a regular expression all regular expressions needs to be inside delimeters for example /regex/

so if you want your code to work you have to change your regex to /tinymce\// (and escape the forward slash) or use a different delimeter like @tinymce/@

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Read about basics of regular expressions in PHP (pattern has to begin and end with defined character ex. @ (after that come flags)) or use function str_replace

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