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I have a number of compressed String(1.5M each) stored in a file. I need to read them out, and do some computation on them. Basically, here is what I did:

public static Object fetchRSFB(File inFile) {
    FileInputStream fis = null;
    ObjectInputStream ois = null;
    GZIPInputStream gs = null;
    Object result = null;
    try {
        fis = new FileInputStream(inFile);
        gs = new GZIPInputStream(fis);
        ois = new ObjectInputStream(gs);
        MyBWT.rankArray = (int[]) ois.readObject();
        String str= (String) ois.readObject();
        //do something with the string

The only problem is, the performance of the code is quite slow in general, so I am thinking 2 options:

  1. to use NIO to map the compressed file into memory, and do the above on the memory compressed file(I heard that this may be achievable, but I have no idea if it really is)

  2. Instead of storing objects, I could just store binary compressed version of the text and then read the text, I heard that it may be fast then ObjectInputStream.

Anyone knows a way of achieving the above options? or is there a better way, thanks a lot.

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You might be interested in using DeflatorOutputStream and InflatorInputStream see Fast compression in Java?

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