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I have a table containing Remarks as a column. Now i have to display the data inside remarks as 0 if the row is blank i.e empty but not Null. Please give me a query that will solve my problem in MS SQL server 2005.

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SELECT remarksDisplay = CASE remarks WHEN '' THEN '0' ELSE remarks END
FROM tableName;
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Thank you very much for the query , it worked perfectly!! – travis baker May 15 '11 at 11:54

use a case statement in your SQL i.e

select (case when Remarks = '' then '0' else Remarks end) as Remarks from RemarksTable

You can further extend this to handle null values too if you want i.e

select (case when isnull(Remarks, '') = '' then '0' else Remarks end) as Remarks from RemarksTable
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Thank You very much for the query !!! – travis baker May 15 '11 at 11:55
case column1
when '' then 'unknown'  /*empty*/
when ' ' then 'unknown' /*empty with space*/

FROM table
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