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I created a Silverlight Navigation application.
My MainPage XAML contains the basic navigation information:

  <navigation:Frame x:Name="ContentFrame" Style="{StaticResource ContentFrameStyle}"  
                          Source="/About" Navigated="ContentFrame_Navigated" NavigationFailed="ContentFrame_NavigationFailed">
                    <uriMapper:UriMapping Uri="" MappedUri="/Views/About.xaml"/>
                    <uriMapper:UriMapping Uri="/{pageName}" MappedUri="/Views/{pageName}.xaml"/>

Now I don't like the fact that the Views (Controls) are in the same assembly and I want to give the project a bit more structure and move all the Views (Controls) in a separate assembly (e.g. Gui_Layer).

Now what are steps to be taken to make the MainPage aware that the About page (for example) has moved from the current assembly to another assembly ?

I want the navigation to look for controls not in "currentAssembly/Views/" but in "Gui_Layer/Views".

Thanks in advance

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In Silverlight 4 you can use a custom content loader that you can enable multi assembly view loading. The interface is INavigationContentLoader.



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