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Why isn't the following working? (Yes, I am working with 2.9.0final and turned the "-Xexperimental" option on.)

implicit def any2Dynamic(a: Any) = new Dynamic {
  def applyDynamic(name: String)(args: Any*) = {
    println(a + name)

"Say".hello // value hello is not a member of java.lang.String

One can argue about how meaningful this is... If this would work as expected what precedence will take place at "Say".toInt: StringLike.toInt or (new Dynamic {...}).applyDynamic("toInt")?

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The compiler first looks for an implicit view from String => { def hello: ? }. That fails, so it then checks if String <: Dynamic. These are not combined.

This dynamic apply feature has not been finalized -- in Scala 2.9.0 it is experimental, and subject to change. But I doubt this would be included, as with such an implicit, you throw all type safety out the window. You would never get a compile error for misspelled method names or incorrect argument types. What is your use case?

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Your right with type safety. But what if I restrict the implicit def to my use case implicit def X2Dynamic(x: X) = new X {...} (my problem remains, type safety problem restricted to X) to build a DSL with dynamic invocation, so one can invoke methods that e.g. defined externally in xml. Just an experiment in mind so far... By the way, thanks for links to source! –  Peter Schmitz May 15 '11 at 14:45
I actually think this sort of behavior is great. It can allow using dynamic language capabilities in a narrow scope. Great for scripts or DSL. –  IttayD May 15 '11 at 14:47
@IttayD Me, too ;) At least to have it in mind when it comes to a sophisticated answer to a decent question here on SO. –  Peter Schmitz May 15 '11 at 14:55

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