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I am reading a csv file using opencsv

I am ignoring the first line of the csv the csv file is tab separated with some values enclosed in double quotes. The problem occurs when I read the values of a column that has the '\' character , this is stripped out of the value.

reader = new CSVReader(new FileReader(exchFileObj),'\t','"',1);

For example in original file address=12\91buenosaires

it becomes


in the string array that csvreader generates. How do i modify it to be able to read the '\' character?

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If opencsv uses the \` as escape character, you might need to enter \\\` in your file. If you cannot, can you set a different escape character in open csv? –  rsp May 15 '11 at 12:42

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CSVReader also has a constructor via which you can set the escape character to use. If you use that and set the escape character to something you don't use you will get the backslash character in your input.

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I had the same problem and couldn't find another character I could guarantee wouldn't show up in my csv file. According to a post on sourceforge though, you can use the explicit constructor with a '\0' to indicate that you don't want any escape character.



I did a bit of cursory testing, and this seems to work just fine, at least backslashes certainly make it through.

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