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currently ironing out a way to parse the data of a page: http://www.foundationfinder.ch/

i love to do it in Perl: Well - i am just musing which is the best way to do the job. Guess that i am in front of a nice learning curve. ;) This task will give me some nice Perl lessions. At the moment it goes abit over my head...;-)

So here is a sample-page:

see the resultpage

... and as i thought i can find all 790 resultpages within a certain range between Id= 0 and Id= 100000 i thought, that i can go the way with a loop:

http://www.foundationfinder.ch/ShowDetails.php?Id=11233&InterfaceLanguage=&Type=Html http://www.foundationfinder.ch/ShowDetails.php?Id=927&InterfaceLanguage=1&Type=Html http://www.foundationfinder.ch/ShowDetails.php?Id=949&InterfaceLanguage=1&Type=Html http://www.foundationfinder.ch/ShowDetails.php?Id=20011&InterfaceLanguage=1&Type=Html http://www.foundationfinder.ch/ShowDetails.php?Id=10579&InterfaceLanguage=1&Type=Html

i thought i can go the Perl-Way but i am not very very sure: I was trying to use LWP::UserAgent on the same URLs [see below] with different query arguments, and i am wondering if LWP::UserAgent provides a way for us to loop through the query arguments? I am not sure that LWP::UserAgent has a method for us to do that. Well - i sometimes heard that it is easier to use Mechanize. But is it really easier!?

BTW; But if i am going the PHP way i could do it with Curl - couldnt i!?

Here is my approach: I tried to figure it out. And i digged deeper in the Manpages and Howtos. We can have a loop constructing the URLs and use Curl - repeatedly

As noted above: here we have some resultpages;

http://www.foundationfinder.ch/ShowDetails.php?Id=11233&InterfaceLanguage=&Type=Html http://www.foundationfinder.ch/ShowDetails.php?Id=927&InterfaceLanguage=1&Type=Html

Alternatively we can add a request_prepare handler that computes and add the query arguments before we send out the request.

Again: What is aimed: i want to parse the data and afterwards i want to store it in a local MySQL-database

should i define a extern_uid !?

and go like this:

for my $i (0..10000) {
  $ua->get('http://www.foundationfinder.ch/ShowDetails.php?Id=', id => 21, extern_uid => $i);
  # process reply

Well but now i get stuck- i need help - can i do the job like this!?



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Dont do it like this. Use HTTP live headers (Firefox Plugin) or eqv. to see what the javasript does behind the scenes while you select what you need from here to get to that page (with the table).

To get the data from the table, use HTML::TableExtract or HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath if you want to use XPath

If you do want to iterate over the queries, just create another var:

my $a = 'http://www.foundationfinder.ch/ShowDetails.php?Id=' . $q . '&InterfaceLanguage=&Type=Html';

and increment $q as you go, make sure the page is valid before trying to load it with get

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hello SoulSurfer, many thanks great to hear from you! I never have worked with liveHeaders in FF. Can you give me a helping hand - (also in Table Extract or Treebuilder!? - to get afirst glance of the XPAth that i am workin on. Love to hear from you! greetings –  zero May 15 '11 at 12:55
Hi SoulSurfer - thx alot. I am sure that i have to make sure that the page is valid before trying to load it with get. Valid point! Tx so far. I will try to get along with this first aid! Hope i manage the task!! –  zero May 15 '11 at 13:09
no problem. let me know if everything is fine. –  snoofkin May 15 '11 at 13:18
Hello Soulsurfer: Many thanks for the quick reply. To be honest. i am not experienced in HTML::TableExtract or TML::TreeBuilder::XPath So can you give me some first steps to do it this way. The TableExtract's idea of doing the job is very interesting! Can you give me a helping hand and show how this solution would look like!? Look forward to hear from you! BTW .- you would help me and my pupils alot - this is a task that i do for my school-class (and the pupils would be very happy)... look forward to hear from you...;-) –  zero May 15 '11 at 13:33
@zero: it works so much better if you do what you can, then explain where you got stuck or had something go wrong. –  ysth May 15 '11 at 13:56

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