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I'm trying to write a script for drag and drop of image in a iframe in Chrome.

    <script language="JavaScript">

        function InsertImage(ev)
            alert("drag function called");
            var _image = document.createElement("image");
            var _sel = _win.getSelection();
                var _range = _sel.getRangeAt(0);
                _range = _doc.createRange();
                alert("000000:::: "+e);
                alert("_range is ::"+_range);
                _range = _doc.createRange();
            alert("range is ::::"+_range);
                alert("1111::  "+e);


        function init()
            _iframe =   document.createElement("iframe");
            _iframe.id = "view";
            _iframe.style.height = "250px";
            _iframe.style.width = "600px";
            _iframe.style.top =   "20px";
            _iframe.style.left = "200px";
            _iframe.style.position = "absolute";
            _iframe.style.border = "2px solid lightBlue";
                _iframe.contentDocument.designMode="on";//No I18N
                _win = _iframe.contentWindow;
                _doc = _win.document; //making it global variable

                _doc.body.innerHTML = "<p>aaaa bbbb cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll mmmm nnnn oooo pppp qqqq rrrr ssss tttt uuuu vvvv wwww xxxx yyyy zzzz</p>";


<body onLoad="init()">
    <div style="position:absolute;top:300px;left:100px ">
        <p> this si a testing doc.here, we test the things</p>

Is is not working.. In chrome console , I get this error message:

Uncaught Error: WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR: DOM Exception 4

Something wrong with selection and range, i guess.

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A DOMException.WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR exception is thrown whenever a DOM manipulation method tries to work with nodes that are part of two different DOMDocuments. You must use the DOMDocument.importNode method in order to import a DOMNode from one document to another.

I suppose you have to import the image-node to the iFrame-document

something like (untested):

var nodeToImport = _doc.importNode(_image, true);
//nodeToImport can now be added to the second document

more here

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Thanks Casper, it worked now, the only thing was to i have to use "_doc.appendChild(nodeToImport);" at the relevant place.. –  Mickey May 16 '11 at 16:03

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